About SimulatorCave

Way more than just a Game, SimRacing is a Full Blown worldwide SPORT. 

A Sport with all the fun, competition, adrenaline, need for commitment and sense of achievement you’d expect from any traditional sport. It is FIA supported and regulated after all… 

Add to this the great online-community and comradery you will experience when racing online, it’s up there with the best.

A hobby grown into a full-blown business, at SimulatorCave, we know what it’s all about and will love to guide you into the best equipment to suit your budget and needs.

As an official Re-seller for Moza, an importer of Fanatec with Local warranty support, a manufacturer of high-end Rigs/SimulatorCockpits,  you will be hard pressed to find a more complete Sim Racing store in South Africa.  And we even do provide trade-in & repair services.

Although we function as an online business, on prior arrangement we do allow collection at our offices in Benoni. Better still, book a SimulatorExperience to make sure you understand what it’s all about and get what you need.


the pioneer in sim racing equipment

Since Fanatec do not ship to South Africa, we created infrastructure to import, service and repair Fanatec equipment in South Africa.

Buying single items or bundles -we've got you Covered.
It's expensive, but really in a different class
- or should we say, on a different planet !?
Lets call it FanaPlanet 🙂

Why buy Fanatec equipment from us?

  1. We love SimRacing 😊 – we’ve been there, done that and understand what you need.
  2. The price you see is the price you pay – no nasty duties and taxes surprises!
  3. No waiting time for anything listed as “IN STOCK” on our order page.
  4. We work hard to get and keep an extensive range of Fanatec equipment at a fair price. If we don’t have it, we will get it.
  5. We provide an extensive warranty on all products sold. If something goes wrong during our warranty period and we cannot fix it in SA, we will send it back to Fanatec for repairs at our cost.
  6. We do repairs, upgrades and keep parts for your Fanatec equipment – in or out of warranty!
  7. Our SimulatorCockpits are designed and manufactured specifically for Fanatec to ensure comfort, stability and durability.
  8. We provide honest practical technical support for setting up and maintaining your Fanatec equipment.

We only sell equipment we would use ourselves - we tested it, liked it and decided to sell it.

Go ahead, book a SimulatorExperience to see for yourself

Why buy MOZA equipment from us?

  1. We are an official MOZA reseller providing local warranty support.
  2. Items you see in stock in our store, is available immediately – no wait and no surprises when your order arrives in SA with added duties and taxes. 
  3. We work hard to get and keep an extensive range of MOZA Racing equipment at a great price. If we don’t have it, we will get it…
  4. We provide an extensive warranty on all products sold so you’ll be covered in the event a wheel unexpectantly comes off.
  5. We do repairs, upgrades and keep parts for your MOZA equipment – in or out of warranty!
  6. Our SimulatorCockpits are designed and manufactured to ensure seamless fitment so you can extract the maximum from your MOZA equipment with comfort, stability and durability.
  7. We provide honest practical technical support for setting up and maintaining your MOZA equipment.
  8. Our SimulatorExperience will guide you to the perfect fit for your needs.

many, many years ago 🙂

Still unsure?

"This was my first big sim racing upgrade, and after a lot of research to see who I could go through locally, the easy choice was Gert. He was brilliant with communication and regularly kept me in the loop about my order, which was important to me since I live in Cape Town and he is in Gauteng. What was just as good was Gert’s after-sale service. He made extra sure that my wheelbase’s (DD Pro) firmware was up to date, and he kindly updated it for me since I didn’t have a PC at the time. And when I had further questions for him in the days/weeks after the sale, Gert was always happy to answer and help. I also appreciate the fact that if I have an issue or defects, Gert will make sure that everything gets sorted out, which was a big decision-making element for me — I didn’t want to be stuck at any point. I also really appreciate that like me, and so many others, Gert is a huge sim racing enthusiast, and it was great to go through someone who shares the same passions as me — not just a business owner. I’m really glad I went through Gert, and would happily do it again. If you need good sim equipment, and especially if you’re new to sim racing, give Gert a go. Five stars." Dane Hansen
"Amazing company for anyone interested in simracing across all platforms. Very helpful and informative with any sim gear your heart desires. Highly recommend"
"Real Sim racing enthusiasts providing top quality service. Highly recommended. I'm a happy customer and Simulatorcave will most definitely be my first stop for all things Sim racing"
John Doe
"Just want to thank Gert for this amazing Fanatec setup and all the help and support I will certainly advise any one looking for a steering setup to get in touch with them I haven't had so much fun in a long time and thanks for giving me the best advise about all the different setups its amazing. Thanks once again Gert😁"
John Doe
"Very helpful and honest company! Gives you great and constant feedback of when the stuff one is looking for will be in stock! Has a great variety and options to choose from and to suit ones needs! Thanx for the friendly and great customer service you guys give! Will use you for sure in future!"
John Doe
"Simcave is an extremely helpful company and has excellent service. Their product is legit and quality. Very happy with my Csl Elite F1 upgrade from my G29. Takes getting use to but dam it's fun and better."
John Doe
"Very helpful. Always available to give advice. Great quality products, the real deal to start Sim racing. Great, great service."
John Doe
"So great to find someone as excited and passionate as I am about sim racing and the goodies that make it fun. Very honest and knowledgeable and am enjoying my purchase a lot. Keep up the good work guys."
John Doe

We provide the following services to help you excel in Simulator Racing

1. New and Pre-Owned equipment.
Perfectly designed Cockpits for Fanatec and Moza sim racing gear.

2. We Design and build high quality, ergonomically designed SimulatorCockpits with design elements previously found only in imported Rigs!
Click on SimulatorCockpits for more.

3. SimulatorExperience
Test and experience different brands and setups to get the perfect fit for you

4. Repairs and upgrades to your equipment. We keep parts and have extensive experience in repairs and maintenance on Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster equipment.

5. We buy your unused Simulator equipment. Remove the stress and danger of selling your equipment online. We make a fair offer, pay cash and collect from anywhere in SA.