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Born for Sim-Racers!

We keep a wide selection MOZA Racing equipment with Local support and Warranty.

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We only sell equipment we would use ourselves - we tested it, liked it and decided to sell it.

Go ahead, book a SimulatorExperience to see for yourself

Why buy MOZA equipment from us?

  1. We love SimRacing 😊 – we’ve been there, done that and understand what you need. 
  2. We work hard to get and keep an extensive range of MOZA Racing equipment at a great price. If we don’t have it, we will get it…
  3. We provide an extensive warranty on all products sold so you’ll be covered in the event the wheels unexpectantly comes off.
  4. We do repairs, upgrades and keep parts for your MOZA equipment – in or out of warranty!
  5. Our SimulatorCockpits are designed and manufactured to ensure seamless fitment so you can extract the maximum from your MOZA equipment with comfort, stability and durability.
  6. We provide honest practical technical support for setting up and maintaining your MOZA equipment.
  7. Our SimulatorExperience will guide you to the perfect fit for your needs.
  8. We support Youth Developoment in SA. 10% of our profits are donated to to ensure we develop our youth to be servant leaders of tomorrow.

With a full ecosystem developed in record time, you’ll be spoilt for choice without sacrificing quality – and you’ll be getting detailed feedback with Direct Drive Tech!

Unsure if it’s for you? 

Book a SimulatorExperience to see, feel and drive for yourself. A YouTube video simply can’t convey the feeling of being behind the wheel on your favorite racetrack.

MOZA Ecosystem R9

Power is nothing without control! 

Having a Direct Drive will help you experience true immersion like never before. Sadly, without a properly engineered rig, most of the detail will simply dissolve away so you never knew what you missed in the first place. We fixed this with a range or SimulatorCockpits engineered to ensure you get all the detail straight into your hands…

We keep Pre-Owned Logitech & Thrustmaster equipment supported by a comprehensive warranty. Most of the units are either trade-ins on new Fanatec-, MOZA equipment or Demo units used in our SimulatorExperience