Aluminum Side-Mount system for MOZA R5, R9, R12, R16 andR21 wheelbases

Although Moza do not allow for a true Side-Fitment directly to the wheelbase, with our clever combination of 10mm Aluminum, steel and profiled aluminum mounting, you can achieve similar results.

Torque is a Twisting force, so keeping your wheelbase tight form two sides id infinitely better than just bolting it down form the bottom.

In addition, profile systems might look solid, but twisting and bending is apparent when it’s subjected to high forces. Adding solid aluminum braces and strengthens the whole rig in a key areas.

Fits APEX, Formula and Ultimate SimulatorCockpit frames with MOZA R5, R9, R12, R16 andR21 wheelbases.

Allows for Simple 40-degree Tilt adjustment like you would find in a real car to achieve the perfect driving position.

Can also be ordered custom made for your rig for additional fee. Contact us for more info.


  • Side Mounting not only adds a cool look, but it also adds space and better torque channeling to your hands.
  • Engineered to add solidity and adjustability to your Rig.
  • Manufactured from solid 10mm Aluminum plate, steel and 90×45 Profile sections.
  • Allows easy adjustment for Tilt, Reach, Height position of steering wheel.
  • Infinitely adjustable between 40 degrees for steering angle to ensure you have a perfect driving position in seconds.
  • Standard Black Powder Coated surface for a high-quality look, feel and finish.

Dimensions: L510 x W300x H120

Aluminum Side-Mount system for MOZA wheelbases


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