Want to be sure your Fanatec purchase will be Xbox compatible?

Select Build your own Xbox bundle and receive a 5% discount to boot.

Fanatec placed the Xbox chip in the steering wheel. Thus, for Xbox compatibility any wheelbase or pedals will be Xbox compatible when combined with an Xbox steering wheel as included in this bundle options list. Due to higher cost of the GT DD pro wheelbase, only the CSL DD is included in the Xbox bundle build. Should you wish to have a Xbox AND PlayStation compatible bundle, make us of the full Fanatec build your own bundle option and select the GT DD Wheelbase with a Xbox compatible steering wheel.

A Bundle consists of a Wheelbase, Steering wheel and Pedal set.

NOTE: Due to limited stock, the CSL DD and GT DD wheelbases are only available in a bundle

Build a Xbox Fanatec Sim Racing Bundle & Save 5%

From R21 840

Due to lower cost of the CSL DD wheelbase, this is the only option here. If you prefer the GT DD pro, make use of the Fanatec bundle build
Select your Steering wheel
Select your Pedals
QR2 Base Side Upgrade
Wheel base is supplied standard with QR1 wheel side. Select here if you want to upgrade to QR 2 wheel side at a discounted price Note: CSL DD uses Type C QR while the Podium DD uses the Type M QR
Pedal and Racing accessories 1
Pedal and Racing accessories 2
Racing Accessories

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