Loads better with the Tuning kit.

Brake with consistency and confidence with the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit. You’ll be smashing your personal best laps in no time.


A load cell brake system measures pressure rather than travel. This means the pedal feel is much more like braking in a real car, and you’ll quickly improve through muscle memory training.


The elastomer stack on top of the load cell sensor provides a strong, realistic feeling of resistance under compression.

The ultimate CSL Pedals upgrade: a realistic brake plus a clutch pedal.

The CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit completely replaces the brake pedal and upgrades the electronics. The standard brake pedal can then be used as a clutch pedal. The CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit is the ultimate upgrade for immersion, precision, and consistency.


Much like the CSL Pedals, the Load Cell Kit features an all-metal design, using a custom-designed load cell sensor.


The amount of braking force required can be easily tweaked through the Fanatec Tuning Menu (or Fanatec Control Panel on PC)*. The upgraded electronics allows manual calibration of all three pedal axes.

Get started instantly.

CSL Pedals couldn’t be easier to set up. The simple design means they’re easy to clean and maintain too.


CSL Pedals connect directly to any supported FANATEC® Wheel Base via the included RJ12 cable. Alternatively, they can be used as a standalone USB device with the Clubsport USB Adapter (available separately), or with the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit.


Find a comfortable driving position with customisable horizontal pedal spacing and pedal plate height adjustment. The pedals can be hard-mounted, or you can easily brace them against a wall or hard surface thanks to the vertical plates at the rear























Fanatec CSL Pedals Load Cell & Tuning Kit Bundle



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