Save BIG with this Special Edition F1 Bundle.

Get the PS compatible GT DD 5nm Base, Limited edition F1 2023 wheel and CSL pedals.

F1 2023 Formula Wheel.

Supplied with QR1
Please Enquire to upgrade to QR2


Thanks to the pre-installed, CNC-machined aluminium ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module, you’ll shift gears with confidence every time. The wheel is packed with 11 buttons, 12-way multi-position switches, thumb encoders, toggle switches; the list goes on. Up to 67 functions of a game can be adjusted directly.


The spectacular light show is also highly functional. RevLEDs with nine multi-colour LEDs can show motor RPM and optimal shifting point, and the two flag LED bars (FlagLEDs) with three multi-colour LEDs can indicate tyre slip, flag warnings, pit limiter, and more.


FANATEC® Direct-Drive technology comes to PlayStation. From subtle sidewall flex to powerful self-aligning torque, you’ll feel everything with a heightened sense of realism. Exceptionally crisp and dynamic force feedback sensations await.


When the steering wheel is directly mounted to the motor shaft, there’s no belt or gear drive to dilute the force feedback effects. The clear choice of all professional drivers and enthusiast sim racers is now available to a broader audience.



Upgradable to 8nm

CSL Pedals

Pedal to the metal.

The CSL Pedals are solidly built from steel. Precise and durable sensors allow you to stay in control with smooth throttle and brake inputs.


The stability of the all-metal design means it is built to last. The stiffer spring on the brake pedal combined with the PU foam damper provides a realistic, progressive feeling.


Both the throttle and brake axes use precision Hall-effect sensors. By measuring pedal position with magnets, the system is contactless, meaning no wear on the sensor and consistent performance.

Three ways to upgrade.

Upgrade your CSL Pedals with metal pedal faces (optional, coming soon), the Clutch Kit (optional), or the Load Cell Kit (optional, coming soon). The Clutch Kit provides a third pedal at the lowest possible price. The Load Cell Kit is an alternative to the Clutch Kit, also providing a third pedal, while upgrading the brake and main electronics.

Upgradable to Load cell pedals

Fanatec F1 2023 GT DD & CSL Pedals Bundle for PS5



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