Save R2500!!! with this High Spec Racing bundle.

Get the PlayStation Compatible GT DD Pro 8nm Base, Xbox Compatible McLaren GT3 V2 wheel and CSL pedals for the perfect racing start!


McLaren Gt3 is a Full-scale replica.

Officially licensed by McLaren Automotive Limited, this is a full-size, detailed reproduction of the steering wheel used in McLaren GT3 race cars. The overall shape, as well as the size of the switches, paddles, and dials is based on original McLaren CAD data.



GT DD Pro Wheelbase:

Feel everything with 8nm of Pure Direct Drive Heaven!

Introducing the official Direct Drive Wheel Base for Gran Turismo®. Combining PlayStation®5 console performance with FANATEC® Direct Drive technology for the smoothest and most dynamic force feedback sensations.


In 2001, Gran Turismo™ 3 introduced breakthrough force feedback technology to PlayStation®. Developed simultaneously with the CSL DD, it is once again a Gran Turismo wheel which introduces next-generation force-feedback technology to the mass market: Direct Drive.

CSL Pedal to the metal.

The CSL Pedals are solidly built from steel. Precise and durable sensors allow you to stay in control with smooth throttle and brake inputs.


The stability of the all-metal design means it is built to last. The stiffer spring on the brake pedal combined with the PU foam damper provides a realistic, progressive feeling.


Both the throttle and brake axes use precision Hall-effect sensors. By measuring pedal position with magnets, the system is contactless, meaning no wear on the sensor and consistent performance.

Three ways to upgrade.

Upgrade your CSL Pedals with metal pedal faces (optional, coming soon), the Clutch Kit (optional), or the Load Cell Kit (optional, coming soon). The Clutch Kit provides a third pedal at the lowest possible price. The Load Cell Kit is an alternative to the Clutch Kit, also providing a third pedal, while upgrading the brake and main electronics.




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