Ready To Race CSL DD Bundle

Get R4000 off when buying a CSL DD with any Wheel and Any Pedal set.

A Bundle consists of the CSL DD (5nm or 8nm), a Steering wheel and a Pedal set.

This bundle will be PC compatible and can be X-Box compatible when selecting an Xbox compatible Steering wheel.

This bundle will NOT be PlayStation compatible.

Fanatec cleverly placed the Xbox chip in the steering wheel and the PlayStation chip in the wheelbase. Thus, for Xbox compatibility any wheelbase or pedals will be Xbox compatible when combined with an Xbox steering wheel.  For PlayStation compatibility you will need to select the GT DD Pro wheelbase which will make any steering wheel and pedal set PS 5 /PS4 compatible.

If you want to be sure you get the correct mix, select the Xbox bundle or the PlayStation Bundle

Fanatec Ready To Race Bundle

From R18 490

Select your preferred wheelbase.
Select your Steering wheel
Select your Pedals
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Pedal and Racing accessories 2
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