Machined Aluminum Wheelbase mount

For that little extra in design solidity and adjustability.

Profile systems might look solid, but twisting and bending is apparent when subjected to high forces. Adding solid aluminum braces and strengthens the whole rig in a key area.

Fits APEX, Formula and Ultimate SimulatorCockpit frames.


  • Engineered to add solidity and adjustability to your Rig.
  • Machined from solid 20mm and 10 mm Aluminum.
  • Adjustable for reach, height and steering angle.
  • Infinitely between 40 degrees for steering angle to enable you have a straight, downward or upward steering angle even with wheelbases having a built-in upward angle (like Thrustmaster and Logitech G923/Pro wheels)
  • Slotted elements enable you to easily adjust steering angle, reach and height for a perfect driving position.
  • Standard Powder Coated surfaces for a high-quality look, feel and finish.
  • 10mm Aluminum pre-drilled baseplate ensures compatibility with all popular wheelbases.
  • Compatible with popular Sim racing wheels and wheelbases like Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech, Moza etc.

Dimensions: L510 x W300x H100

Machined Aluminum Wheelbase mount


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