5.5 Nm Torque Direct Drive Wheelbase

With a punchy 5.5Nm Direct Drive motor, you can feel so much more of the detail, No contest – it’s a more immersive experience!

Lightweight Design, Maximum Torque

Using smart design techniques, the R5 delivers maximum power with minimum volume and weight, allowing for a wider audience to get the best simracing experience.


Ultra Low Torque Ripple and Groove Torque

Intelligent Temperature Control

With MOZA’s onboard temperature monitoring, even endurance racers can relax knowing that the D05 will provide reliable performance.

Industrial Conductive Slip Ring

The base and the steering wheel are connected through a military-grade conductive slip ring with a life of 5 million revolutions. The unique patented design has extremely high stability and durability while achieving infinite high-speed rotation.


The MOZA Pit House control center allows a racer to check the status of a device, adjust settings, and load presets.


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