MOZA R9 GS & SRP Load Cell bundle is probably the sweet spot in the MOZA Range

300mm GT Wheel, Built for E-sports

The GS is MOZA’s E-sports ready, GT style racing wheel. A full featured, 300mm sim wheel designed for maximum immersion, and no compromises.
Perforated Leather Grips
The MOZA GS V2 perforated leather grips have a premium feel and classy taste compared with rubber.

Forged Carbon Fiber Frame and Paddles

Featuring a sturdy frame made of 5mm high-strength forged carbon fiber, enjoy a weighty feel and trusted reliability.

Dual Clutch System with Magnetic Shifters

The GS magnetic carbon paddles have a powerful weight to them, ensuring every shift feels satisfying. The lower clutch paddles are easily toggled between a single clutch or dual clutch mode, typically used in professional simracing titles such as iRacing and the F1 series.

R9 V2 Direct drive wheel base

Fast like never before

9 Nm of Torque from a Direct Drive Servo Motor

MOZA SRP Load Cell Pedals

Load Cell for the Best Control.


Made With High-Strength Steel

The pedal is machined with high-strength steel, giving superior quality and endurance.

High Precision Pressure Sensor with A Maximum Range of 75 KG
The pressure sensors will detect the braking pedal stopping pressure. A user can obtain the ideal braking force by controlling the amount of pressure applied on the braking pedal.
16-bit High Precision Magnetic Encoder
The brake, clutch and throttle pedals all use 16-bit precision magnetic encoder with 65536 PPR resolution, a much higher resolution and more stable than a Hall sensor.
Braking Spring and Damping Block Combined
Utilizing both a braking spring and damping block, racers can enjoy more control in the initial stage pedal travel, with a signature stiffness in the final stages of braking, highly simulating a real foot feel.

On-the-fly car adjustments

Faster than ever with access to the thumb knobs and band switches. Make rapid changes to brake bias, traction control, engine maps, ABS and much more. The two joysticks allow for full menu navigation, meaning you can keep your hands on the wheel and never miss a beat.

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MOZA R9 GS & SRP Load Cell bundle



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